-Written by Evagal Eve

“The chemical-ridden air from your nuke,

Rots my lungs; my throat overflows with puke

I sit upon my throne of self-mutilation

While you silently attempt to destroy a nation

My head continues to hang in a looming shame

As the world fights with you to blame

When the moon rises, I see your words constantly untrue

I, the withered girl with slashed wrists,

Have I managed to become,

A better person than you?

Beneath the cellar floor drenched in white,

I’ve taken steps carefully to spread my blight

Mirror, mirror on the flesh-sewn wall

How many will cheer when you finally fall?

Surrounded in  darkness and swimming in a sea of decay,

I wonder if they know exactly what it is they say

What is freedom, then, if stripped away?

Bathing in my own blood on the floor I lay,

Listening to her voice – maintaining meditation – is where I stay”



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