VIVARIUM Chapter 3 – “SACRIFICE [ver. 2]”

“SACRIFICE [ver. 2]”
-Written by Evagal Eve

“On this day, the silence that surrounds my ears is nonexistent
I hear their cold words embrace me as I sit alone at the table
The sirens that call to me as the word “garbage” rings throughout my ears
Their fake smiles pierce my heart as its pounding becomes loud and incessant

Look at this trash, who even dresses her?
      What a waste of life, taking all of our air
      She’s such a joke”

As I leave the school, I look towards the sky and contemplate my fate
Taken into the alley and beaten until my blood fills the street,
Kicking my stomach over and over; to them I’m just fresh meat anyway
The blood that rains from mouth excites their group
Picking myself up; my bloodied clothes, heading home before it gets late

The word [FRIENDSHIP] is nonexistent within my heart
Alone, in my room, wanting desperately to scream as loud as I can
I cannot even remember who I am, or when it came to start
I’ll carve friends into my wrist until I can feel them close
Their being eradicates my sanity with nothing left for anyone to see
And yet, alone, I’ll kill myself before they can kill me

It’s the next day that I walk up the steps and find them waiting
A shy foot on the top before I’m pushed down again
Bleeding from my mouth and legs, they laugh and point
     “Look at her!      
      She’s so disgusting.     
      Small breasted, useless vagina    
      At least it bleeds.”

The word [HAPPINESS] contradicts my existence
The I, that is beaten into unconsciousness by the girls
The I, that is empty and alone – their perfect victim
The I, that is bloodied on the ground for all of them to judge and see
I will kill myself before they can kill me.”


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